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Remarks from Gene Poole, creating our Point of Departure:

"Frankly, I am finding it quite amazing to observe how the Rasa affair is 'progressing'.

Many individuals whom I have known online for many years, have been 'mentally herniated' by the 'heavy lifting' required to see through the fogs and flaks and shit-twisting that is flying around here in cyberspace."





You walk through a meadow and you suddenly see a beautiful bird who is struggling to move about. It is wounded, perhaps a broken wing. You go toward it to see it, and it hobbles away. You come closer and closer, and again, it moves. You follow it quite a while and run toward it when it then takes off, flying, with no injury. You have just been deceived by the old 'wounded bird' trick - a Mother protecting her chicks. You, the predator, got too close to her nest, and she feigned injury to draw you away. Having drawn you away from her chicks, she vanished.


This is Rasa Von Werder. She is the Mother, and the chicks are the young, the small and weak - those who cannot fight the battles which threaten them.


When people see Rasa Von Werder, formerly the Stripper for God Kellie Everts, they identify her with the facade, the profession, the way of making a living. They fantasize, imagine she is the typical person in the sex trade. There are prejudices, fantasies. There is the sense of VULNERABILITY,


'Women like that are Sudra, the lowest class. They have no defense. I can wound them, hurt them, have my way with them, and walk away with no regret. Society, which has subjugated them to the lowest rung of the ladder, will not punish me for hurting them. If she is a prostitute, I can rape her and it doesn't count. I can even stab her and if we go to court, they will let me off. In public I can revile her - it is expected. Of course, in private, I will tell her how much I love her, but in public, I will disown, judge and condemn her. As a man, I am not judged by the same yardstick, but I do not want her stigma to fall upon me, (however guilty I am of sexual misconduct) so of course I disdain her in public. As far as speaking of such women, anything goes. You can verbally abuse them any which way, and society ignores the sin. Other women will help me harm her. It is expected.'


This sort of pattern has been going on for a long time - since Patriarchs created the 'double standard.'



Why did not the Sarlo people (Guru Ratings) size up Rasa Von Werder before they attacked her; why did they continuously revile her viciously for weeks, and then on and off for months, with total temerity, thinking there would be no payback? Because of the sex trade thing. They were not the first to fall into the 'trap.' Others had fallen and taken a beating. Morton Downey Jr. was never the same after the altercation with 'Kellie Everts.':





After Kellie's lawsuit, and ensuing publicity, his show was taken off the air. Cigarette smoking did the rest.


Kellie Everts was a veteran of wars, scars on top of scars. But the Guru Bashers didn't read that kind of stuff. They claimed it was beneath them, or too boring to read. They might have gotten some inkling of the kind of person they were dealing with. They just looked at the nude pictures and went from there. The rest of it was one long, super-ugly joke, as far as they were concerned.


All warnings, all flags raised by GuruRasa caused raucous laugher. How could this 'degraded woman' 'get even' with them? How could she give back to them what they gave to her? Impossible!


If Rasa told them she had been 'sent by God,' this was evidence of her insanity. If she said 'your karma will come upon you,' more of the same. They just didn't get it. A STRIPPER AIN'T NO GURU cried Jody and Bruce, and their cheerleaders Dannyc, Gorakh, Susan, Onniko, etc. With thirty smart aleck people piling up on one woman, she didn't stand a chance!


A human being, like bread, can change into the Body and Blood of Christ. By the same token, a stripper, or anyone for that matter, when ANOINTED BY GOD can also become the POWER of God. In such a case, the flesh does not matter, nor the profession, nor the human qualities, except for virtue. God can choose anyone and when God anoints, God empowers.


God can choose the lowest of the earth - the most humble, small, young, weak and unimportant by human standards, and God can create giants. This is how it was in the Old Testament when God chose the eighth and youngest son of Jesse, to be the next King of Israel.


David was the last in a series of eight brothers born to Jesee. When the prophet Samuel came looking to anoint the next King, David wasn't even there. They left him in the field with the sheep, feeling there was no way he would be picked by God. His brothers were more likely to be chosen. Surely Samuel would anoint one of them. But Samuel insisted that the smallest and youngest would be brought, and no one would sit down to supper until he came. As soon as Samuel saw David, he knew he was the one. And so it happened. David was anointed by Samuel, God's Spirit came upon him, and the favor of God left King Saul.


His family should have remembered the lion and bear David slew for his flock, with nothing but a club. Why were they still laughing at him when he said he would take on Goliath? None of them would face the giant - David was the only one who had the courage. (Courage comes from confidence.) Yet they laughed at him. The anointing of God is invisible. It cannot be seen with the naked eye, and so, it is not believed.


These anointings are not placed willy nilly upon anyone. They are special people who listen to the voice of God and obey. For Rasa there was also preparation and discipline.


For one thing, she could not have the attachments of the world. There were four main things she would be tempted with:


1. Love of family. Rasa Von Werder had to walk away from family love and the hope of family love in order to be chosen of God. You must be free of such ties.


2. Romantic love. Rasa Von Werder had to walk away from romantic love and sex. That is an attachment than can hurt mission.


3. Rasa Von Werder had to put the temptation of money aside so that money would never be an issue. She would not live for financial security, and she never has. This would be a diversion from mission.


This is by no means to say Rasa lives in financial poverty, but it says that she would never give up mission for monetary gain. For richer or poorer, whatever condition she is in, she puts God first.


4. Respectability. There is always a temptation to respectability, because it brings security and fellowship. But the profession of Rasa Von Werder during most of her life precluded that, and she has never had that cushion. If respectability was something she craved, she could not be who she is.





Rasa Von Werder met important people along the way. One of them was an officer, a graduate of West Point, a Delta number (if you know what that is fine, if you don't, I won't tell you) and Green Beret, we shall call 'Gen. Stripes.'


They became close friends and Gen. Stripes taught her techniques. She remembers two of them,


'When you fight, go out in full force with nothing held back. What you do in the first five minutes will determine the outcome of battle.' He also said,


'Do not fight on a level playing field. Make sure you have the advantage.'


The first edict Rasa used in a forthcoming TV show, 'Feminists vs Chauvinists.' She prepared herself for those first five minutes, shooting a volley so strong that the male debaters were trounced on the spot, never to recover. She watched the audience, 75% women, galvanized and energized by her words and stance, women standing up and saying to the host, things they would never have said before. She watched older women breathing sighs of relief and laughing. She saw young women praising their Mom's competency in the absence of Dad, and teenagers saying they made themselves beautiful for themselves, not for men. They saw Kellie and suddenly they were strong. Kellie was so outspoken that after a while, the technicians turned off her microphone. Men fight dirty.


The other edict - not to fight on a level playing field, was a luxury that rarely happened. In the Sarlo war, the playing field was stacked so far against her, that it seemed impossible to win. That may be the reason the perpetrators were so confident. There were about thirty of them, and all were unknown to Rasa. She had no idea what the flesh was behind the yahoo names. She was in front, they were behind trees and bushes, shooting at her.


But Rasa had something they didn't have - the anointing, and the faith. They were Goliath, to the eyes of the flesh, having every advantage. But she was David, with God and a slingshot.


That is the story of Rasa Von Werder. There have been many battles and many more to come. In fact, she looks forward to them. She craves only one thing, to do the will of God. And for her, the will of God will be battle. Her anointing will see her through, she knows it.


And by the way, what happened to Gen. Stripes, the Green Beret? It fell apart when Stripes wanted to marry Kellie and lead a conventional life. He even tried seducing her. They all thought that the celibacy would end when she met Mr. Right. But there was no Mr. Right, there was only Blessed Virgin.


Kellie saw him as 'partner' and friend. They spent hours sharing and crying . He was the one man who understood Kellie. A story he told her....... A tough assignment. They have to go into heavy enemy fire to help someone. He calls for volunteers. It's a big risk, but two young guys jump up ready to go. They are heroic. The young hero next to Stripes has his head blown off, the head falling right into Stripe's lap. The copter crashes and takes Stripe's manhood with it. He ends up in a VA hospital, where he writes to Kellie for months. She prays for him, sends him personal healing tapes. He gets healed. He cries out,


'What am I doing here? Get me back into action!'


They send him to Columbia, where he operates from the jungle, taken in and out by copter. Daily missions. He has an altar, the photo of Kellie with jungle flowers in front of it. Each day he prays, Kellie protects him, he says. After two years he gets out and writes to Kellie again. He has never met her, it's a dream. They start talking by phone. Eventually they meet and get engaged.


They were like male and female version of the same thing. Kellie said to Stripes,


'If I was a man, I'd be just like you.'


Stripes says,


'If you were a man, you'd be worse.'


My friends, do not fear Goliath. Goliath is only flesh and blood. Fear God. Fear the seemingly insignificant person who has the favor of God.


The wounded bird is a 'Green Beret' who is sent into battle by God. Such people are chosen, trained and anointed. They do not wear their badges and medals on their chest, these are invisible. When enemies attack, such people are empowered to fight. They fight for others, not themselves.

Rasa Von Werder is like David against Goliath. Goliath is patriarchy, and the assumptions thereof. God is dismantling patriarchy, and Rasa is one of Her Special Forces.


When patriarchal thinkers attack Rasa, the lies, the assumptions are exploded into smithereens. Thereupon you have the dynamic atmosphere and hysteria of the 'Rasa wars.' Rasa is not Rasa, a conventional woman. She is a symbol and an instrument of the days when women were both sexual and spiritual, when they were powerful leaders. Her presence in itself evokes pandemonium (the Guru Ratings situation is nothing new!) for the reasons just explained. The type of woman Rasa IS is the type that were tortured out of existence, burned at the stake and silenced for thousands of years. But She is back!


The reason people are getting hernias on their brains is because this has not happened before. There is no precedent to speak of, no framework to glide it into.


The Wounded Bird was sent by God to attract predators to herself. God deals with the predators, protects those who cannot fight, and then, the 'Wounded' Bird flies away.


APRIL 15, 2006





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