In November 2004, one month after its inception, we got almost 10,000 people checking out the site, and Kellie received a lot of e-mails. Many people asked Kellie for updates of what is she doing today: Is she training? How does she look? Is she taking more photos? When is she going on the road or making appearences? What has she been doing recently? To answer the questions - Kellie is getting ready to go back into the limelight for whatever opportunities present themselves. She is training one hour a day with weights, and practicing dancing and posing muscles daily. Soon she'll be ready to take new photos, glamorous and muscular. For the last few years her mind has been on starting a Matriarchal Church, and she has fostered this on the internet. If you look at the site listed below you will see what is inside Kellie's mind and soul, and her most recent photos are on this site also, but she is not identified by name. Kellie wants to attract a new group of men and women who are serious about spirituality and might be put off by the sexy persona. There are wonderful things in the works for Kellie. She has a top agent looking for a book/movie deal. She is ready to preach, dance, pose muscles, lecture and do faith healing.

In the last few years Kellie has been studying the theology of Christianity and Catholicism, and also that of Yoga. The fruit of her work is on this site. She has also had numerous experiences of God in visions and in dreams. Jesus and Mary have appeared and spoken to her, and so has Baba Muktananda of the Siddha Yoga religion. Many saints have appeared to Kellie Everts, including Padre Pio and Joan of Arc. If you really want to know this lady, (and not just her body), examine what is on the following site:





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