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I shall try to explain how I got to the place of seeing our Infinite God face to face in the simplest way possible, so that anyone who aspires to this can follow in my footsteps. There are no guarantees as God takes each soul in a totally unique way, but you can try what I did and see if it works, or some version of it works. (There is no absolute formula. It is trial and error.)


I shall now go back only to Easter, 1981, ten months prior to the first experience of being on the other side. I had finished reading the four volumes of 'The Mystical City of God,' by Ven. Mary of Agreda, translated by Fiscar Marison. It is the biography of Our Holy Mother Mary (and including much about Jesus and all the events surrounding their lives as well as other things.) Holy Thursday, April 16, 1981, is the day. On that day a supernatural gift was given me, which I call infused Contemplation. Like many of my gifts, I did not understand them or how to explain them until I read books on mystical theology - the experiences of the saints. When I first received this gift I called it 'the gift of cleansing of images,' because Mary of Agreda described it. How to explain? Your mind is cleansed so that you are in a place, high above all earthly things including memories. There is no torment, no regret, no wishing for anything, no memory. Everything that ever happened to you seems far away, so far away that it does not touch your emotions. (Apparently it is in the memories that one suffers most torment or sorrow.) It is, perhaps, these memories that influence your present day responses to things. Buttons are pushed because of memories. Now a small child with no memories to speak of does not react to things because that child has no experience or memories to speak of. And so, whatever happens, no buttons are pushed. It is like that. You are like a child before experiences and memories, and you are free, and nothing affects you. This phenomenon lasted four days and nights.


Later, when studying Evelyn Underhill's 'Mysticism' it seemed to me that infused contemplation sounded like that. She said the mind 'sees all things at once' and that was part of it. Perhaps without encumbrance the mind is free to see the whole picture. It is a feeling of standing above the world and looking at it from a higher place, and just grasping reality at once, without needing to think about it.




Rasa Von Werder
November 24 2005







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